Thank you for taking the time to view my website. I hope you enjoyed looking through my photo gallery.

My name is Paul, I live in Chelmsford and I am a fully qualified freelance photographer. I offer a wide range of affordable photography services from weddings, engagements to personal portraits and life style images. My portfolio extends to commercial work too such as professional portraits, products and business promotions. 

Having worked in the IT profession since leaving school, I started out many years ago taking product photography for technical articles, another great interest area of mine. However, my images never quite lived up to my own expectations. Like most photographers starting out, I realised that I needed help in getting the best out of my camera using the wealth of settings and enhancements the modern DSLR camera now provides.

Realising the potential to expand my photography skills, I embarked on several levels of the City & Guilds photography courses which I achieved distinction grading throughout and further fuelled my passion for this art form. Wishing to extend my accreditations, I went on to achieve a Licentiate distinction (LRPS) award with the Royal Photographic Society.

As exciting and challenging the training was, nothing beats getting out there with my camera and experiencing photography in the real world. I embarked taking on new projects and challenges to help me grow and advance as a photographer. Naturally, my journey progressed into providing professional photography services to the public

I take great pride and satisfaction in all my work. I am an active member at my local photography group where I enjoy sharing my work and helping others reach their own goals just as much as extending my own experience. 

I understand that people need to feel comfortable and ease with their photographer so choosing the right person is a personal and an important decision to make.  The more relaxed everyone is, the better the end results.  I am friendly, approachable, polite and courteous at all times but always operate in a professionally manner.

I strongly believe in photography your way, not mine, These are key factors that make up the culture and ethos I bring to my photography to get you the best images possible which I hope you will see for yourself.

If this is something that suits and interests you then I love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss your photography needs. There are no obligations or any hard sell.

Please visit my facepage page for latest updates and news

Thank you for your interest.

Paul Hudson (LRPS)



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